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Free trial software is available for download. The trial version will run for 3 days. You may use your own data during evaluation.

JTI Software is Windows® based software, supported for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 2008 / 2012and is available for lease in a stand-alone and network version for three users. When you are ready to place an order, email us.


is a production forecasting software for multilateral wells.

MultiLateral™ presents an analytical solution to compute the transient pressure and the rate responses for multiple drains. The drains may be either lateral wellbores or vertical fractures. This helps in critically assessing the multiple horizontal drainhole technology from a reservoir engineering perspective.


  • Multi-lateral wells, with up to 8 laterals in the same zone, or multi-fractured wells
  • Single phase gas or oil production forecasts
  • Reservoir forecasts for a constant rate or constant pressure
  • Estimating drainage area
  • History matching to determine reservoir parameters
  • Optimization of well design parameters
  • Either homogeneous or naturally fractured reservoir can be modeled

MultiLateral's rate forecasting technique is based on the complete analytical solution for a multiple drains in a closed reservoir, and covers the entire production history from transient through depletion regimes. The transient calculations are computed in a rigorous manner. The user may forecast either well rate for a constant bottomhole pressure (a superposition feature allows 2 changes in the bottomhole pressure), or pressure for a constant rate. The Arps decline correlation, modified by Fetkovitch, is used when pseudo-steady state is reached. Results from MultiLateral have been matched with actual multi-lateral production histories.

MultiLateral 2.0™ is available for Windows XP under lease with either single CPU licensing or multi-seat licensing. The multi-seat licensing is available as shared-drive on a single server or enterprise with installations on unlimited machines.

Multilateral™ accepts the input data produces Plots/Reports/Data as output files as illustrated by the images below.

Software Interface Examples

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    General Input
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    Reservoir Input
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    Well Screen Input
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    Plot Reports